Thursday, December 15, 2011

Laptop Bar

We have a laptop bar on the third floor mezzanine. Sit down, plug in, watch the world go by.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

New Lounge Chairs

There are new chairs and ottomans in the lounge. (past the elevators on the first floor). These n
ew chairs are environmentally friendly Transformation chairs with green guard fabric.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Group Computing and Group Meeting spaces on First floor

The first floor Research Commons is full of activity these days as students work and meet in the research commons. The newest additions to the space are the specialty made collaborative computer stations and the group meeting tables. Both of these tables were made from old carrels and shelving end panels. The new chairs can be rolled wherever they are needed in the space. The group meeting tables have wheels so tables can be moved to allow for groups of 2-6. At each column in the group meeting space there are power poles to allow students to hook up and power their mobile device or laptop. There are still some more additions to come. To help define the area there is signage, dry erase boards and privacy dividers. We are also waiting on the computers, Team Spot hardware, and the new chairs for the lounge. But students seem to like the changes so far!

Meeting Place 2 furniture arrives

The bungee tables and chairs for Meeting Place 2 (room 248) have arrived. These tables can be moved to create many configurations or folded up and out of the way.

The chairs can also be folded and stacked. A large monitor with HDMI hook up and a laptop allow for media presentations. This space will be available for student groups, faculty and campus groups to use for meetings, presentations and events. Movable dry erase walls create a sense of privacy and some noise reduction. It is NOT a classroom space. Keep watching the website for information on reserving this space.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Team Spot Seating has arrived

The Research Commons now has new seating between the banquettes. The seating on the east side of the building will face a large dry erase board and the seating on the wast side of the building will be a Team Spot location.

New lights for the Research Commons

There are now new lights and power poles for the first floor Research Commons. When finished movable tables and chairs will be centered around the columns. The poles will allow students to plug in without stretching cords across the floor, creating dangerous situations.

New Group Spaces on 4th floor

With the addition of movable walls on the fourth floor, four new group study spaces are now open. The walls are on locking casters and double as dry erase boards. Students are using them already. Check them out on your next trip to the printing press or library administration. (at the top of the stairs turn left, they are in the glassed in area)